Adding stem cells to various beauty products in order to facilitate the body’s recuperation process isn’t news to any of us. From anti aging serums to miraculous potions that promise to revitalise the scalp and hair in no time, it’s been a long time since the use of stem cells was only limited to medical procedures, their use for cosmetic purposes having been proven to be priceless.

Again, something that you probably already know: stem cells taken from your own body have the highest power to regenerate it. This procedure is already being used by collecting stem cells from bone marrow, blood or adipose tissue, but what you may not know is the miraculous effects of these tiny cells when it comes to slowing the skin’s aging process.

Personal Cell Sciences is the first company in the world dedicated to the development and distribution of stem cell-based anti aging products, custom-developed for each and everysingle client.

The procedure is simple. After collecting a batch of stem cells from your adipose tissue (first bonus: you get rid of some unwanted fat!), a process that is necessary for a single time, and which costs about $1,500, depending on the surgeon you choose, the stem cells are delivered to Personal Cell Sciences labs in order to be separated from impurities. A part of them are then stored for a monthly fee of $1,500, while the rest are transformed into an unique set of personal skin care products.

The clinical results that have been recorded up until now speak for themselves: 95% of users have experienced visible positive changes in their skin’s texture within the first four weeks of use, while 81% have found that fine lines have been reduced, and 87% have reported an overall more youthful appearance.

The innovative treatment has already been named the future of anti aging by prestigious magazines such as Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. Would you give it a try?


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