Kerry Washington, breathtaking in the Vera Wang dress chosen for the punk evening at theMet Gala

Rooney Mara, also finding at the classically-bold Wang her edgy pick to go at For the Love of Cinema during Festival de Cannes

obviously, overwhelming numbers of people, since her name, for years now, has a double meaning – a Vera Wang = a spectacular wedding dress

every bride dreaming since forever about her perfect wedding, having at her disposal the Wang creations and the Vera Wang On Weddings app, the dream wedding planner

ultra sophisticated brides, choosing among the passional red options of this season’s collection

brides who never would have hoped being able to wear leather gloves on their wedding day

and brides able to sense the wow effect in the genuine classics

Victoria Beckham, whose posh fashion designer’s tastes were ideally met

the so differently wonderful Mariah Carey and Sharon Stone, each having chosen a Vera Wang

Sarah Lawrence College attending students, who between Vera and Arianna Huffington, college alumni, have only successful models to choose from

Fashion avec Passion, looking up to Wang’s story, ‘’a trip of passion’’

all of those yet undecided whether they love or adore Vera Wang, able to justify their love with factual data – Yves Saint Laurent apprenticeship, Vogue career and popular culture icon status,

truly the whole world loves Vera Wang! Just tell me if I forgot someone!



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