The Giambatistta Valli Movie Star Summer Mix

Giambattista Valli isn’t as much the stars’ favourite fashion choice, as much as Giambattista Valli is the one pampering the stars in the most lavishly sophisticated gowns ParisRome andHollywood have ever seen.

He designed for Emanuel Ungaro and Fendi, is strongly influenced by Antonioni and Fellini’s filmographies, but what most draws Scarlett JohanssonPenélope CruzSarah Jessica Parker,Jessica BielNatalie Portman, Diane Kruger and Halle Berry is the couture essence that Valli is able to shine on even the most famous of stars.

The taffeta and veil are never over the top, cleavage and transparencies are never too much, colours and sequins are never too bright. And yet, in the subtlest and most glamour style, the Giambattista Valli dresses seem always made for a movie star, for a magazine cover or for a memorable scene in a classic movie.

Feel like a celebrity in the Parisian boutique on rue Boissy d’Anglas or, if you can’t contain your excitement, find Giambattista Valli at YooxFlannels and SHOPBOP.


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