How to Be Adventurous With Your Style

Have a fashion crisis that needs solving? Every week our editors will answer a reader-submitted question, and you can tell us all about your wardrobe woes here. Read on for this week’s advice!

14-year-old Pav D. of England writes: “I try to be fashionable, but I don’t feel confident enough to be adventurous and try something different. I’ve never been super self-assured, and now as a teenager, I feel a lot more insecure about what I wear! Should I be bold in my dressing or stick to what I know?”

Being different, standing out, taking risks—these are things that sound scary and uncomfortable, but are actually really awesome. Your teens are for figuring yourself out, which means you should absolutely try new things. (It also means this all gets a whole lot less stressful with each passing year.)

One of the easiest and most significant ways we express ourselves on a daily basis is through fashion. Everyone wears clothes, right? Since you change your outfit every day, you have a near-infinite number of chances to take risks, both big and small. And if you don’t like how something looks or how it makes you feel, on to the next one! It’s also important to remember that style isn’t static. Your look is bound to change as you get older and as trends come and go. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you aren’t being true to yourself if you’re wearing something out of the ordinary.


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