How to Be Adventurous With Your Style

Have a fashion crisis that needs solving? Every week our editors will answer a reader-submitted question, and you can tell us all about your wardrobe woes here. Read on for this week’s advice!

14-year-old Pav D. of England writes: “I try to be fashionable, but I don’t feel confident enough to be adventurous and try something different. I’ve never been super self-assured, and now as a teenager, I feel a lot more insecure about what I wear! Should I be bold in my dressing or stick to what I know?”

Being different, standing out, taking risks—these are things that sound scary and uncomfortable, but are actually really awesome. Your teens are for figuring yourself out, which means you should absolutely try new things. (It also means this all gets a whole lot less stressful with each passing year.)

One of the easiest and most significant ways we express ourselves on a daily basis is through fashion. Everyone wears clothes, right? Since you change your outfit every day, you have a near-infinite number of chances to take risks, both big and small. And if you don’t like how something looks or how it makes you feel, on to the next one! It’s also important to remember that style isn’t static. Your look is bound to change as you get older and as trends come and go. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you aren’t being true to yourself if you’re wearing something out of the ordinary.


Get Summer Style Inspiration from the Boston Calling Festival

Check out the well-dressed music fans who totally rocked out in Beantown.

It’s all music festivals all the time, but we don’t mind! Ever since Coachella stylishly started off the season in Indio (with Topshop creating a collection to boot!), we’ve been totally obsessed with go-to concert pieces like denim vests and maxi skirts.

Even though school might be out for the summer, the Boston Calling show-goers definitely earned an A+ in mixing and matching festival staples despite cold temperatures and generally lousy weather.

Britney Spears Wants To Lend A Helping Hand To Amanda Bynes??

Well, someone needs to!

This may not seem like the best idea to the haters, but if anyone knows how to crawl out from the depths of hell, it’s Britney Spears.

Amanda Bynes‘ recent erratic behavior has already been compared to 2007 BritBrit and even with her mugshot showing off a shaved ‘do, we can’t help but shudder at the unfortunate flashbacks.

So, honestly, what better person to help Amanda Bynes out of a, er, bind, than Britney Spears??

Some are saying that the pop star is becoming increasingly concerned and is reaching out a helping hand to Mandy before she becomes a complete lost cause. In fact, she’s even apparently taken the first step in coming to her aid. An insider revealed:

“Britney had a brief conversation with Amanda the week before her arrest and promised to personally help Amanda get her career back on track by helping her record music.

Britney also opened up to Amanda about her painful breakdown and about how she was so against her dad taking out a conservatorship – but she told Amanda that it wound up being a life, career and fortune saver.”

Even though it doesn’t look like a conservatorship is in the cards for Amanda, it certainly does help that someone who’s made it back on top like Britney is willing to help, no matter how far fetched it seems.

…Because whatever she’s doing now ISN’T working and someone needs to intervene FAST.

Making Masterpieces with Instagram + #PhotoADay Tips

# PhotoADay

I started noticing #febphotoaday hashtags on IG and Twitter last month, and was intrigued, but I didn’t jump in, because I couldn’t be saddled with one. More. Commitment. But over the course of the month, I found myself drawn to the photos others were posting. I decided to click over to Fat Mum Slim to check it out and discovered—HEY—she’s an Aussie!

Six Degrees
Had a six degrees of separation moment when I realized that that Chantelle (of Fat Mum Slim, who is in Sydney), knows Carly (of Smaggle), whom I met at IFB Con through Wendy Brandes (of Wendy Brandes Jewelry) last September. And of course there’s myfavorite person in the blogosphere, Aussie blogger, Lee Oliveira, also in Sydney, and my Hubby, whom I imported from Sydney. OK, I’m definitely digressing. But you get my point. I’m an Aussie magnet. So I felt obligated to be supportive based on the mere fact that the children I’ll never have would be half-Australian, so that practically makes us family. That’s how Southerners (and Greeks) work. Hmph.

Back to # PhotoADay
Interestingly, I found myself cognizant of the challenge on February 29th, so I looked at the assignments and decided I wasn’t just going to participate in the #MarchPhotoADay challenge, I was going to take it seriously!

And you know what? It’s been fun challenging myself not to just participate, but to create beautiful photos of everyday things. What’s also interesting about the challenge is that some of the assignments aren’t as easy as you might think. Attempting to capture non-tangible things—like emotions—takes some thought.

After a year on Instagram, and a month doing a # PhotoADay challenge, I wanted to share some tips for making your Instagram shots into masterpieces, and how to get the most out of photo challenges on Instagram.

Some of my favorite March photo a day shots:

Make Every Shot an Insta Masterpiece

  1. Use filters or # nofilter. That’s the fun part! Add a little blur, pick a filter ( and you can transform the whole mood of a photo. Of course, if your photo is totally gorge all on its own, let people know it is un-retouched by using #nofilter. My faves are Nashville and Lo-fi.
  2. Ditch the frame if you want consistently-sized shots. This is especially helpful if you want to add them to your blog or create a collage. (In the shots below, that’s the square icon, top left of the screen.)
  3. Play with light. Lighting is a huge aspect of what makes a photo beautiful. Sometimes tilting your phone a certain way overexposes the subject or catches a little sparkle or sunbeam. It can mean the difference between pretty and ethereal.
  4. Take photos with your phone’s camera, then import to Instagram. Can’t tell you how important this is if you’re trying to capture a shot while you or the subject are moving, or the light is changing. Just snap, snap, snap, then decide which photo makes the cut. This also gives you the chance to do some pre-IG editing if needed. When you use the camera in IG, the dimensions are perfect, yes. But if the photo isn’t good, you have to abandon it to take a new one, and that new one may or may not be the money shot. Take it from someone who’s lost a lot of great shots doing that.

Don’t inundate your IG feed with sexy photos and gratuitous cleavage shots (ladies). It’s pretty obvs when someone’s come-hither shot was only because they’re feeling too sexy for their shirt that day, versus a shot intended to show their hair, makeup, or accessories. There are a couple IGers I’ve seen with shot after shot of I’m too sexy… Please. Just. Don’t. You might be sexy, but if that’s all you got, I’m already bored

Tips for Participating in #PhotoADay Challenges

  1. You don’t have to participate every day. The challenge should never feel like a chore—it’s meant to be fun! Better to skip a day when the assigned subject doesn’t appeal to you. No one enjoys humdrum shots. It’s no biggie if you miss a day.
  2. Change your perspective. I mean this literally and figuratively. If you really want some interesting shots, change your view, the level/angle of your camera. And think outside the box. If the assignment is “trash,” you could be very literal and snap your trash can. Or you can shoot gossip magazines as “trash,” like this shot by@hairromance. Unexpected. Brilliant.
  3. Share what’s unique to you, show your personality.Every day’s assignment is an opportunity to share a little of you. For the “key” assignment this month, I saw lots of shots of key rings. I chose to shoot my car key in my hand because it highlights my love of the BMW brand, and all things nail polish. Still a key. But again, perspective.
  4. Remember your hashtags. Without a hashtag like#MarchPhotoADay, no one knows you are participating, and other participants can’t see your photo in the list when they tap the hashtag in Instagram. Hashtags are important across the board. Not only do they become searchable in IG, but Twitter too. So if you’re sharing your shots on Twitter, your reach is exponential. Not bad for growing your connections in several social spaces. If you do a lot of mani shots (like me), you might add #nails or#gelish to your shot. Maybe you’re into architecture or travel…you might add a hashtag for the city, country, or place you’re sharing. If it’s your pet, some use #petstagram or breed-specific tags like #Frenchie:)
  5. Share! And ♥ like! Sync your IG account with Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr and get even more exposure for your photo of the day. And the most important part is the ♥ like. It’s as easy a double-tap on your phone screen. When you see another shot you like, let that person know. IG is another social medium, after all. Connect with others and they will connect with you.

LouLou’ Star Fashions

This is dedicated to FASHION, my greatest and most faithful LOVE!! I like to say that I’m in the business of beauty and I like to think that I live in a beautiful world. So here, that’s what you will found: all the beauty of fashion and all the beautiful things in fashion. You will see the most BEAUTIFUL, PRETTIEST and STYLISH outfits and clothes. Girls with ORIGINAL fashion. Ladies in HAUTE COUTURE(high fashion). Men dress to IMPRESS. Kids with ROCKING fashion style. STUNNING shoes. Basically everything that I think is real STAR FASHION!!! If you add any star fashion in your life then you soon will feel and look just like a REAL STAR:)

The Fashion World, The New Global Leader For Social Causes ?

It has long since ceased to be just an ivory tower of designers burning their creative energies out to reach absolute purity of shape. With time, fashion has grown ever more comfortable with its business side, but also become increasingly aware of its spin offs into the social – not only cultural and economic – realm. High fashion has become more human and more humanised. It employs ever more people and faces ever greater and more complex ethical issues. And it touches upon ever more wide ideas and conceptions on style and the world, while succeeding to focus into a more coherent global voice for good.

Tory Burch, designer and second youngest self made female billionaire in the US, greatly values the qualities of micro financing as a dream accomplishing tool, potential fulfilling mechanism and cornerstone of the economy with, moreover, real fundaments of sustainability.Tory Burch Foundation gives out loans from USD 500 up to 50 000 and enjoys the excellent successes of the over 100 endeavours financed so far. Beyond success, they have proven a return rate of over 90%.

Jessamyn Rodriguez created Hot Bread Kitchen – a social enterprise bakery where inexperienced chefs break in their skills over bread recipes from across the globe, while having a job with generous social effects. Jessi Walter from Taste Buds Kitchen has a children’s cooking school, Faizun Kamal brings, through sourceFK, Bangladesh artistry to the world, while sisters Stephanie and Noel Pietsch have come up with a mixed Mexican, Brazilian and Asian menu for their restaurant, Wahoo’s Fish Taco Hawaii.

A different approach to fashion social involvement is the one made full advantage of by Fashion 4 Development, in line with United Nation’s ambitious Millennium Development Goals. First ladies from countries around the world lobby for awareness and fundraising, while the fashion industry, as pointed out by Ray Chambers, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon’s special envoy for malaria, provides the latest and most efficient model of focusing the world’s attention on key-matters, but above all, an influential power to inspire.

Just as proved by Gucci’s huge humanitarian undertaking, Chime for Change, the world of fashion is fully aware of the intricate tools at its disposal and is continuously perfecting its ability to manage them as constructively as possible. Be it a matter of corporate social responsibility or of social leadership, it has and we still have a long way to go.

Top 5 Outfits for Her ! <3

Outfit #1 : Casual

Vintage and verry cute,this outfit is perfect for a day in nature .

Outfit #2 : Elegant

Beatyful and cute (thats all i have to say )

Outfit #3 : Sexy Rock

Bad ,sexy and sensual :->

Outfit #4 : Bad Versace Girl ;;)

the style of the famous Fashion House Versace is everywere

Outfit #5 :Hipster

casual,sexy,wild and coloful