Beyonce Drinks Wine, Probably Isn’t Pregnant

Either Beyonce is not pregnant… or she’s going out of her way to show herself as an irresponsible mother.

With rumors continuing to churn that Bey and Jay-Z are expecting another baby, the singer took to her official website today and didn’t write a word.

But she did post a very sweet photo of herself drinking wine while hanging with her man, an indication that she’s NOT knocked up – and/or is not a believer in that whole medical science thing.

We choose to believe the former.

In other Beyonce news from the week, this is what happens when you slap her butt. Consider yourselves warned, future concert attendees.


Breaking: Beyoncé is Pregnant Again!

The rumor mill has been working overtime with the possibility that Beyoncé Knowles is expecting a second child with Jay-Z. According to E!, multiple sources have confirmed Beyoncé’s pregnancy.In a recent interview, Mrs. Carter said, “I think my daughter needs some company. I definitely love being [a] big sister.” Beyoncé then sported an elaborate, high-waisted Givenchy gown at the recent Met Gala, concealing what might be a baby bump. She even went on to cancel a performance on Tuesday during her Mrs. Carter World Tour, citing dehydration and exhaustion.The couple’s publicists have yet to comment.