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What you will find on my blog…


You will find my personal style, photography,fashion news and technology and fashion portfolio. This is a place where I can share  my fashion stylings and creations.

Here i combine fashion with technology,design and pleasure of  beeing a free person, a hipster :)!

Ill post every day fashion and technology news and when i can i will post some of my draws and creations :).I will aslo select on the end of the day an outfit of the day that i think will work for the next day,one for the girls and one for the boys . Express yourself and dont let anyone put you down on the ground :)!

Personal Style –

My style is some kind of hipster +rock+ crazy ambition. I like to wear vintage accesorise and black rocky shorts 😕 . I always look for something new for my wardrobe ,another thing about my style is that i love DIY bracelets and necklesses.

Portfolio –

I will be sharing my portfolio with you, which consists of fashion styling and illustrations. Creating styling shoots is my favorite thing to do. If you’re interested in collaborating with me or hiring me, drop me and email.

Photography –

i take shoots and i shoot people because i love it and ill post every week some of my shoots 🙂 soon when ill upadate my camera ill do a sepparated page for photography .

botanik 44 029


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